Still The Number 1 Search Topic

It’s the number one search item once again! 28 times someone has searched for something on the Chris Benoit controvesy and reached this blog.

The Chris Benoit-double muder/suicide controvesy and the theory that Kevin Sullivan may or may have a part in it is still the number one reason why people stumble upon this blog. Amazing that two years since the incident, Benoit’s legacy refuses to die out. He was such a character that anyone who was a fan, refuses to believe that he could be capable of such an act.

I’m still not convinced that Chris committed the crime of killing his son & wife and then himself. He, who was such a wonderful person and devoted family man. Did steroids or brain trauma play a part? Or did Sullivan instigate the crimes? We still don’t know. All evidence seems to lead to the fact that Benoit did it but there’s the possibility that he didn’t as well. So, we are not sure!

I just hope that someday his name is cleared and the real culprits are found.

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