Still Tired

Well day 1 of this night shift went ok. Not much stuff to do other than organizing things. A few laughs as well. Dinner sucked because not only did we go in late but the food ran out as we had new caterers at our office. I dunno why the previous vendor was changed but I saw in the office email flyers that we had a new caterer with a rather more limited menu for the next few day and the second counter, which was usually all vegetarian, would be closed till the 15th of July. They usually run two main vendors, one for meat – usually chicken and beef and perhaps fish – with choices like rice, plain or white, fried rice, porotta, chappathy, dosa or poori and biryani – and the other that serves mostly only vegetarian food.

Well this new vendor had run out of food but they had someone bring in more only we had to wait. Instead I went to tea/coffee and snacks counter as they can make some Maggi instant noodles with eggs and a masala mix. So I ate that and then went back to work. At 3:30 am I went down for some coffee and a snack and by 5:30 am I booked my Uber and came home by 6 am. No time for breakfast but I did have a couple of cookies and drink of water before I went straight to bed to sleep for 7 solid hours. But I am still sleepy. And tired. I had lunch as soon as I woke u and then lay back down to watch some Battlestar Galactica and the final episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 1. Then I came online.

I will go take a shower now (it’s 6pm) and slowly get ready. I just know that I will be really exhausted by the end of this work week.

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