Sting : New Clothing Store on M.G.Road

Was cruising through Youtube videos when I happened to see this ad on the side of one of the videos I was watching. The add, catching with the red motif and with the white stylized lettering that stated that Kochi is getting a new clothing store right here on M.G.Road not far from where I live.

I have never heard of this brand or chain of store before. From first glance it looks like a men’s only clothing range. I see t-shirts, shirts, blazers, trousers/pants, jeans and shorts. Some accessories like belts, hats, socks and wallets. Nice! And even footwear with sneakers, shoes and canvas shoes.

They apparently started in the year 2002, a clothing brand created to inject dynamism into the dreary world of men’s wear and the brand was given an apt name STING, the brain child of Blaze Clothing (India) Pvt Ltd having its base in Chennai. I like the look of some of their stuff and especially their wallets look really good. They also have an online sales option and have a live chat support. Looks good.

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