Stop That Stink

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

The only thing that I remember wanting to quit that badly was ofcourse smoking. Not only is it a disgusting habit that stinks yourself, your fingers, your clothes and things and people around you but it is so fucking harmful for you. So why did I pick up smoking? Easy, when I was 17 some of my close friends and a couple of my cousins who I hung with a lot all smoked. It was natural that I also picked it up.

I didn’t used to be a chain smoker and I also was very particular about the brands that I smoked. I liked menthol as a teenager and I also liked a brown coloured one (can’t remember the name of them right now) that was my usual brand. I liked to sit in the dark and smoke, late at night just before I go to bed with all the lights off. I smoked maybe a few cigarettes a month and so it wasn’t like a habit or anything. But mostly when I was with those cousins and my friends who smoked.

When I was 22 I just stopped the whole thing altogether. I just thought to myself “You have asthma and you are smoking? Fucking quit it” and I just stopped. Ever since then I havave not smoked once (it’s been 17 years now) and I have no intention of ever picking it up again. It stinks!

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