Strange Laws In North Carolina

#1 It’s illegal to borrow your neighbor’s dog. 

#2 Oral sex is a Class 1 Felony

#3 You have to keep a detailed record of every cotton sale you make for at least a year.

#4 It’s illegal to hold an organizational meeting while wearing a mask (sorry furries)

#5 It’s illegal to have sex in a hotel room if you’re not married (and it’s also illegal to lie about being married).

#6 It’s illegal to sniff glue in Huntersville 

#7 It’s against the law to not pay taxes on any illegal drugs you deal.

#8 It’s now illegal to use climate change science to predict sea-level rise.

#9 It’s illegal to serve alcohol at a bingo game. 

#10 Stealing over $1,000 of grease is a class H felony. 

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