Strike While The People Suffer

For the past two days now the public in Kerala have had to suffer a lot due to the unfair & totally uncalled for private bus strike. The hapless public, who depend on the bus service are forced to borrow a vehicle or take rides offered by alternative services which are possible a) too expensively charged b) stuffed like sardine and c) not reliable. In many cases some other people make a profit by plying cab services.

To make matters worse the government run KSRTC buses have also joined in the strike – although this was not a complete one. But still it was a double blow in the groin for an already inconvinienced public. In my office they have arranged cabs services which have increased our expenses and have also caused lots of issues with people being late in reaching work and home. It’s not sure how much longer this strike will continue but one thing is for sure – it certainly isn’t going to be the last one!!

It’s the local communist-minded, tea drinking, beedi smoking, frog in the well syndrome, idiotic thinking imbeciles who will raise a flag at the drop of a lungi and hold a dharna for anything under the sun. When will this land learn?

One thought on “Strike While The People Suffer”

  1. I think that the whole idea behind these strikes is nothing short of moronic. You actually cause more trouble for the common person – usually the person that you are allegedly trying to help! My feeling is that it is usually local politicians trying to flex their political muscle to show that they have the power to pull something like that off.

    If I had my way, I would assemble about 10-15 tough SOBs and drive through the city with some baseball bats. Anyone tried to stop me, I would lay the smack down on their candy asses. After all, if you are trying to push people down, you shouldn’t be surprise when they push back!

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