Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

What was I doing and where was I at midnight yesterday? Well I was at home, in between the sheets watching a tv show and relaxing at home. Alone ofcourse. As I always am. Always alone in my bed, lying naked between the sheets and wishing I had a woman to call my own, who was lying with me. A partner, a lover, a wife and a best friend -all packaged into one nice womanly package.

I wish that I could have been in my dream house, at midnight with the woman of my dreams both of us lying together in bed and holding each other and talking until we fell asleep or watching a movie or something. And in the living room there’s a big pet bed with two dogs (Golden Retrievers) and two cats all tucked in after a nice big meal and snoring away to glory. We two and our four pets. I would love that. That image of what my life should be like refuses to leave my brain.

Instead I was alone in bed yet again. Fell asleep while watching a tv series episode and woke up with the lights on a couple of hours later so I got up outta bed and switched the computer and the lights off and went back to bed.

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