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I have been meaning to take more evening walks. The weather has been pretty good for that. And I could use the exercise. I need to lose weight plus an evening stroll around the area will be good for me. I think I should start doing it sooner rather than later. Once I start it will be easier to stick to a schedule.

Starting is ofcourse the main thing. The idea is to try and find the right time, this weekend looks like the best way to get started. Take a walk at around 7pm or so, just around the block and back again to the apartment building.  Stop by on the way to pick up grocery stuff for home if needed. Or  just walk on and get a lemonade just before I reach back home.

This weekend should see the start of a new schedule. It is high time I did something. I am 40 after all and quite fat. Obese. I need to walk and lose some weight.

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