Stuck On A Loop

I’ve been having problems with my computer the last couple of days and it escalated this morning. It started when I noticed that despite shutting down my system properly before I left for work a few days ago, when I returned and switched the system on it went to do a system check. I thought that was weird but I chalked it off to perhaps not noticing that I had switched the plug off before Windows had completely shut down.

The next day it happened again and it started asking me if I wanted to do a normal start or system restore or go into Safe mode. I was puzzled and choce the normal start. I noticed no other issues and could use my pc with no hiccups and so ignored it again. Last evening, it got stuck while rebooting so this time I chose Safe Mode. It refused to boot properly and go stuck at a particular driver file – gagp30kx.sys, which after Googling, seems to be not that uncommon an issue.

After retrying bunch of times, I was able to use my system for the night and also early this morning but when I tried to start my system, it just wouldn’t boot completely. It kept looping over and over again – Safe Mode, Restore to a previous setting that worked, Normal mode. I was frustrated and spent almost 2 hours trying to fix the issue. Finally I got into Safe Mode and ran Restore System in Windows and that seems to have done the trick. I’m not sure but I can use the system and have been using it for most of the day. Watched some videos on it as well.

Come Monday and I’m going to get a Windows XP disk and format my C Drive and then reinstall Windows XP. I just can’t think of losing my hard drive. I can’t.

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