Stuff I Just Can’t Throw Away

Old magazines: I have old magazines from 2006 & 2007 just piled up in a corner of my built-in cupboard, collecting mold and silver fish. I need to just get off my ass, get them into a cardboard box and toss them out or sell them to the paper vendor who comes by once in a month or so.

Old cassette tapes: I don’t have a stereo cassette player anymore. I probably will never play a cassette ever in my life again. But I still have most of my collection of tapes in a steel cupboard in my room. Tapes from the 90s and the late 80s too! Yes I am a pack rat or something even worse. Keeping all those cassette tapes is downright dumb. Someday I will get rid of them.

Disposable razors: I know, I’m nuts. They keep collecting in my bathroom and I toss them out every few months or so.

Batteries: for my previous USB mouse. I kept using up these AAA size batteries; every two or 3 days I’d have to replace a battery and my desk drawer gets covered with them. If I shook my desk, you’d find atleast 30 of these used by batteries flying out.

This weekend some of these things are going to be tossed out, if not all.

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