Stuff I Read As A Kid

When I was a kid uptil the age of 12, I read Nancy Drew books. Yes I did! And the Hardy Boys too.

And the Famous Five! Remember that they had a tv series as well – 4 British kids and Timothy the dog who have these adventures solving mysteries. I think there was another book series based on 7 kids instead of 5, Secret 7 if I can remember it correctly. Kids solving crimes & mysteries – that was a big deal when I was a pre-teen. Not so much once I turned 13!

Nancy Drew with her best friends George (who is actually a tomboy named Georgina) & Bess went on these trips to solve some mystery or the other. She was aided on occasion by her boyfriend Ned and once in a while her lawyer father Carson. Frank & Joe Hardy, sons of detective Fenton Hardy & Laura Hardy, are teenage detectives who have on occasion joined Nancy & her buddies to solve a really puzzling mystery.

The Famous 5 novels feature the adventures of a group of young children — Julian, Dick, Anne and their cousin George — and their dog Timmy. I only remember one book very vividly – possibly because that’s the only one that I actually owned, the rest were from the library or from friends.

Yeah all kiddy books that I wouldn’t be caught dead with! But they were fun when I was a kid.

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  1. Oh, me too. I read them all. And I still have them all in storage. They bring back such good memories for me. Every now and then I read one just for fun!

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