Stupidity & The Case Against Marley

Please read this article completely and then take a few minutes to recover. Of all the stupid, ignorant ways to ….

People are really ignorant in this country. We can’t deny that. They are set in their ways and to knock some sense into the stupid assholes….. They wouldn’t know intelligence if it came up and slapped them or layeth the smackdown on their asses! How can the people of this state be so fucking idiotic.

“Some of these policemen actually believe that Marley was a gang leader of an international drug mafia headquartered in Jamaica.”

“We have caught around 200 students for using ganja. Most of them had Bob Marley songs on their cellphones, and stickers of marijuana leaves on their bikes. These children are attracted to drugs by Bob Marley songs,”

Police raided shops that sell Bob Marley T-shirts, bracelets and key chains. Cases have been registered against the shopkeepers under Section 3 (1) Young Persons (Harmful Publication) Act 1956 for promoting material that is ‘harmful’ to youngsters.

Can’t catch real criminals so let’s do shit like this. India is so hypocritical. The Hindu god Shiva is shown on many occasions to be smoking ganja / cannabis and is seen as a symbol of ganja. Are you going to start raiding Shiva temples and shut them down? Why not “this” when you do “that”?

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