Suicide-Murder In Alappuzha

One of the worst stories you can read about in this state happened this week. A middle-aged father allegedly hacked to death the mother of his daughter’s lover at Punapra near coastal district Alappuzha in south Indian state Kerala within hours of the girl committing suicide after he rejected the young man’s plea to marry her.

This is how the story goes as reported – 21 year old mason was in love with this 17 year old girl and they wanted to get married. He approached the girl’s parents for her hand in marriage and apparently went over to her house with a mangal sutra in his hand. The parents would not give their daughter to him in marriage now; they said that the two lovers should wait for a year until the girl turns 18 and then they could get married.

The boy insisted that they get married immediately and refused to take no for an answer much to the anger of the girl’s father. The father forbade the two to meet and chased the boy away and locked his daughter in her room. Later when the parents went to check on the girl they found that she had hanged herself from a ceiling fan and was declared dead at a hospital where she was rushed to. The distraught father went to the boys house and only finding his mother there, hacked the lady to death. He was arrested the next evening after locals alerted them on seeing him coming out of the house with a blood stained knife.

What a messy story? How stupid of the boy & the girl – what was the hurry in marrying at the ages of 21 & 17? And if the father of the girl says to wait for a year how idiotic can their reactions be? Not nearly mature enough to get married, it ended in tragedy.

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