Summer 1999 With Cousins

I was watching an interview on Youtube and for some reason something the interviewee was talking about reminded me about a few things from years ago,  involving my cousins Sree Harshan & Aswin aka Sree & Awa. I spent a lot of time with these two cousins of mine back in 1997-99, when I was 21-23 and they were 6-8 & 10-12 respectively. Although they were much younger than me I loved spending time with those two nutcases, watching tv and playing games and general goofing off and teasing the girl cousins. I haven’t seen Aswin in ages and I last spent some time with Sree in 2008 when my grandmother passed away.

Anways, I remember that the two of them spent a few days in my parents home in Thrikkakara around early 1999 I think. I was not working or studying at that time having just completed a 2 year computer diploma course and was awaiting the results of the exams. So while they were at my house, we spent almost all of our time playing video games on my old computer and watching cartoons. Well, although I still enjoyed cartoons, I would go listen to rock records in my room while they watched tv. I remember I was listening to Meallica’s Reload a lot during that time. Anways, I just remember enjoying my time with them playing a bunch of games like some F1 & Indy car race games, some football game demo that only allowed you to play USA vs Russia (doh!), some funny cartoony race game called Wacky Wheels and lots & lots of DOOM!

Well I played Doom; they were forbidden to play Doom by their older sisters and hence I played it while they cheered me on. They liked it that way but would get scared when some monster came rushing! LOL, and we would play it between 9pm and 1am and when I needed a break to go take a leak, they would be too scared and ask me “take us with you”! Hahaha, also another funny incident took place. The three of us slept on this big bed in my room – Aswin at one end, Sree in the middle and me on the other end, crank up the air conditioner and huddled under a large thick blanket. One morning, I woke up and stretched and felt my left foot’s big toe go into something wet and hear a “plop” sound. I lifted the blanket and – LOL – it was Aswin’s mouth. In the night he had woken up perhaps to go to the loo and came back to sleep the opposite way, with his foot near  Sree’s & my feet. We had a big laugh over that one!

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