Sunday @ Home With My Music

I had a little mishap yesterday. Of the toilet kind. Right! Gasp! Laugh! Be astounded.

I’m not going to into the nasty details but I felt very embarassed even if no one got to know about it and there aren’t going to know about it. Let’s just say that I was able to save myself from any permanent scars and the shame by using my wits.

I haven’t been out this entire month! Wait, I think I went out on the 2nd of November and probably had a beer or two on the 8th as I was coming out. But I haven’t been anywhere since. It’s this illness that has caused me all this grief. I prefer to come home straight from work and with the exception of a couple of days when I stopped to have some hot soup on the way.

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But I want to go out and have some coffee in one of the cafes and relax and read. Enjoy myself. I need a haircut. I want to buy a couple of dvds to watch. Oggle at the pretty girls who are out shopping on a Sunday.

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But I guess that I’ll stay in today and rest. Going to work makes me very tired and by the end of the day I need an oxygen mask. So another day to rest will be good for me. It’s not too bad; I can listen to hours upon hours of the mp3s that I got and watch a movie in the afternoon. And drink some hot, black coffee that I made myself.

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