Sunday Plan

Thank Godzilla it’s the weekend. The weekend is so welcome though a bit disappointed as it’s only a regular 2 day weekend instead of last week’s 3 day weekend. And the plans are filled for the two days already. I have tickets booked for Sunday for my cousin and me to watch Benadryl Cucumberpatch as Dr. Strange. I have two coupons for discounts on the VIP section seats and that is awesome. Using one of the coupons I booked our usual seats and got Rs.121 off! Sweet!

Booking my tickets online has become the norm nowadays ever since I started going to movies theaters again after a gap of 11 years. The first two movies I went to I went to the theater and bought the tickets – Deadpool & Batman vs Superman. Then I found out that you can book the tickets online either through Book My or through the websites for PVR or Cinepolis. That is pretty sweet. And you also get discounts from time to time or combo discounts! Nice!

Ofcourse we like the popcorn at the movies as well. What’s a movie going experience without the lovely caramel or cheese flavoured popcorn to munch on. They have a bunch of other stuff as well but I don’t like to have anything other than snacks like popcorn. My cousin and I will go at 12 and get a good pizza and enjoy a couple of hours outside before we go to the theatre and enjoy the film.

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