Sunrise vs. Sunset

Good grief, I thought that this was an easy one. Well let me make it easy. I’m gonna type whatever comes to my mind, without putting too much thought into it, when I think of sunrise & sunset and then see which one sounds more appealing.

Sunrise: alarm clocks, sleepy eyes, stiff joints, stretching, yawning, struggling to get out of the sheets, stumbling towards the loo, brushing teeth and getting that first cup of coffee to make yourself awake.

Sunset: more coffee, the day’s winding, heading home from work or heading to get a bite to eat with family or friends, drinks, food, chilling, enjoyment, city comes alive, as do you.

Now you tell me which one do you prefer? For me, it’s sunset all the way.

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise vs. Sunset

  1. I am a sunset gal all the way. Love how the colours fade to purple black. Sunrise has its merits too, don’t get me wrong, but it is just too freaking early. I’m usually too tired and grumpy to enjoy it!

  2. The same here Selma. Whereas the sunsets are at a more relaxed time for all of us to enjoy.

  3. Depends, if the sunrise heralds the start of an adventure and not a working day then fantastic!

    If the sunset is the drawing to the end of that said adventure then boo hoo..

    See, depends on what you are doing!

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