Super Attractive Or Super Intelligent?

Would you rather be super attractive or super intelligent? Defend your position.

Given a choice I’d rather be super intelligent, because I am already super attractive :D No, I kid. Oh no wait, I’m serious. I’m such a sexy beast!

Ok, more seriously, I’d rather be super intelligent than super attractive. Here’s my reasoning for it :

  • if I were super intelligent, I’d find ways to make a lot of money or have the biggest companies in the world wanting to hire me and pay me a lot of money to do so.
  • With that money I would invest heavily in the stock market and make lots of money again. Once I have enough money I will quit the job and concentrate on making myself as rich as I possibly can without having to work for anyone or any company.
  • With the money, I can buy a huge house for me and houses for my family. I can buy everything I want, 2 of everything I want. Don’t worry, I’ll also donate handsomely to charity.
  • And with all that money comes power.
  • And with all that money + power you will get almost everything you wanted, no matter how ugly or how attractive you are!

Simple? Give me the brains please!

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