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Science fiction shows – the kind with spaceships, space travel, alien worlds and maybe even a few aliens – are so few at the moment. It has been that way since the turn of this current decade. We seem to have hit a low point in television history that we have so little in terms of actual scifi. Instead we got some shows that seem to be set in a futuristic setting but are more drama and even – ugh – teenage lore – than actual exploration and real scifi. And….really bad acting!

What I am grateful for is this recent trend of a large number of superhero & comic based shows that has somewhat replaced scifi as the genre with a rabid and loyal fanbase. And if you look at it, most superhero series has a bunch of scifi in it and you have a solid bit of “scientific mumbo jumbo” as some critics and viewers put it. There are usually scientists and scientific breakthroughs and it’s usually something to do with “sciencing” that they solve a huge problem. That’s putting the nerds and geeks at the forefront and they are saving the day. They also stand side by side with the superhero and battle the villains and powerful beings.

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones – these are the ones that I’m watching and in some ways, they are filling the hole in my life where my fav scifi shows used to be. I still love and watch my fav scifi shows but all of them are done and ofcourse I will revisit them again and again. And look forward to new shows like last year’s Dark Matter & Killjoys which gave us fans a huge relief. I hope more scifi shows come up but till then I have the superhero genre.

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