Like most people I love good surprises. The kind that makes you smile, laugh or shout out in happiness. Like winning a prize, an unexpected bonus, a party thrown for you by friends/colleagues, a little gift by a friend or loved one or anything like that. The good kind of surprise is always welcome, heck any thing good is good! When you didn’t expect a birthday party and you enter a room without any warning and people jump out from the dark or from their hiding places and yell out “SURPRISE” and you’ll love it. After, you know, you manage to push your heart from your throat back to your chest where it is supposed to be.

Bad surprised, unexpected and dangerous surprises is not one for me. That ex-who suddenly shows up and is now a senior manager in your office. Oh no! Guy makes friends with you and then you find out he is gay and looking for some action. Get outta town asshole! Any kind of rude, unwanted and malicious surprise is not warranted and I would say away from them if I could. Usually I am able to dodge them but these fucking things have a way of sneaking up on you. So give me the good pleasant & happy surprises and I’ll enjoy them.

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