Survivor (2015)

I am a big Pierce Brosnan fan, ever since the early to mid 1980s when I watched his breakthrough title role in the hit tv series Remington Steele and throughout his movie career afterwards. And I ofcourse love, love, love Milla Jovavich ever since I first saw her in 1997’s The Fifth Element. Put them both together in a spy action thriller with another long time fav Dylan McDermott….unfortunately the movie isn’t the sum of it’s top notch acting talent.

Survivor is a 2015 British-American spy thriller film directed by James McTeigue and written by Philip Shelby. The film stars Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett & James D’Arcy. Jovovich plays Kate Abbott, an employee for the American Embassy in London, who began working in the government after most of her friends were killed in 9/11. She begins to put in more stringent & strict processes for approving visas for Europeans to the US, including denying visas for Dr. Balan and others. She gets herself a bit into trouble with the American Ambassador because the scientist Dr. Balan’s wife was denied a visa years before while she tried to get to the US for medical treatment and died, but Sam Parker the head of the department backs her up as she has great instincts. And she proves to be right. Balan is planning to take his revenge on America by blowing up a chemical bomb in NYC on new year’s eve.

Bill Talbot, the supervisor, is also a co-conspirator as his soldier son is taken alive as a hostage in Afghanistan. To let him go, Bill is forced to forge the documents that give visas to several terrorists including Dr. Balan. A millionaire business man with vested interest in letting Dr. Balan get his job done, hires the assassin & hitman for hire The Watchmaker (Brosnan) to kill Kate. However most of her team are killed while attending a restaurant for the birthday of their superior, Bill Talbot, with Kate only surviving because she left the restaurant to get a last-minute present for Bill. An investigation into the attack reveals that the bomb has traces of chromium, leading one of Kate’s fellow employees, Sam Parker, to deduce that the perpetrator was the Watchmaker,known for his precision work, who detonated a bomb with similar traces in Paris some time earlier. Kate who was only dazed in the explosion is chased by the Watchmaker and escapes but is now on the run as she is setup for the crime.

She runs into Bill who points a gun at her and in the tussle Bill is killed while a passerby shoots this on his video, making it seem like Kate killed Bill on purpose. On Sam & Sally (the tech expert at the embassy) believe Kate is innocent and Sam meets up with Kate at Bill’s apartment where they find the ransom video for Bill’s son. The Watchmaker attacks the two and Sam is left injured while Kate escapes. With Sally’s help she sneaks back into the embassy to create false passports for herself to follow Dr. Balan to New York and stop the bomb from being detonated. In a final battle Kate manages to kill the assassin as he tumbles to his death from the terrace of a skyscraper and the bomb does not go off, saving hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Times’ Square.

Not a very good movie but entertaining enough if you don’t have too much expectations. I give it a 6.5 outta 10!

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