Swallow This

As a kid I used to have such a fear of taking medicines like tablets or capsules. And this persisted till my early to mid teens. I was such a baby about it. My parents did not know what to do about it; whenever I got ill and I was prescribed tablets or capsules. Syrups I took easily but if I had to swallow a pill – I would refuse to do it.

At one time my parents used to try and trick me by inserting the pill in a small piece of banana and making me take it – it rarely worked! I am not a gorilla or a chimp to fall for that one. My parents would plead, beg, threaten and scold yet I could never swallow down the pills. No matter what they did, I had a problem as a kid. As I grew older, I managed to swallow them (by age 11-12) but with much difficulty.

As I look back to those younger days – and swallowing my medicine right now – I keep wondering what the fuss was all about! All I had to do, and I still do it in this fashion, was put some water in my mouth and drop the pill / capsule in and then swallow the water, medicine and all! Nothing to it!

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