Sweating Bullets In Cochin City

How hot & sweaty & sticky is it in Cochin city for the last two evenings? I can’t get much energy going. I’m so tired right now that I am ready to drop.

Last evening, despite drinking a cold long glass of 7up and then some more water, I got de-hydrated. I fell asleep with the lights on at around 12 pm and woke up 2 hours later with the mightiest leg muscle crap that I have ever had to suffer. It went on for about a good 20 minutes while I tried to walk it off.

I looked and saw that my bed sheets were soaked in sweat and my pillow covers too suffered the same fate. I quickly changed them as I didn’t feel like lying back on them. Tonight it’s around the same and I can’t keep my eyes open much longer (it’s just 10:30 pm). Gonna try to get some sleep.

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