Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

My computer’s desktop is relatively spic and span and spartan compared to my bedroom. Well, actually my bedroom is not that messy when you first see it because the mess is pushed to one side or a corner or is inside a cupboard and well hidden away from prying eyes.

I have a bunch of stuff that is in my cupboard all catching dust. Stuff I don’t need. Stuff on a chair that sits in one corner that I should have gotten kept away in a bookshelf or cupboard a long, long time ago. I have stuff on my bed, pushed to one corner. I have a plastic bag filled with stuff I should throw away sitting in my cupboard. And ofcourse I need to clean my shelf but that is another thing – it’s only dust! And I clean once every few weeks anyway.

A good cleaning will work wonders and everything will look great again.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

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