System Spring Cleaning & Sorting

The sudden release of free hard drive space had also got me to do a kind of ‘spring leaning’ for my computer. The absence of enough free space had prevented me from sorting of the assorted files that I have saved on my drive (for the past 3.5 years) and sometimes I can’t find files that I am looking for.

I’ve also deleted quite a few files (mostly videos), that I really didn’t want to delete, in the interest of saving space and downloading more files (again mostly  videos). It was a case of which ones were more important to me to keep. Remember, I only have an 80 GB capacity HDD and, before getting the 320 GB external, a 120 GB portable hard drive. With tv series downloads being at 350 an episode (in the case of Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek Enterprise & Star Trek : TOS) space was at a premium.

So the last couple of days have seen me spending quite a lot of time sorting out my files and storing them into different folders on all 3 drives. I now need to clean out the internal drive and defrag it. I was also thinking of backing up all the files that I need into the 320 GB and formatting my hard disk.

2 thoughts on “System Spring Cleaning & Sorting

  1. When sorting files I find it hard to decide whether to delete a file or not. In the past 4 years I have done almost 30 backups and formats(Thank god the drive is still alive :))

  2. Hey – don’t delete them before I get a chance to go thru them. After that, I’ll have a copy of those with me – so you can delete whatever you want.

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