Tables, Turned

Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

Let’s take the first one. No – I’m not. I hate having my photo taken. Two reasons a) I’m fat & ugly and b) I’m not even the least bit photogenic. You know what I mean? There are times when I feel I look good. Not skinny but good enough. Some days I come out of the bathroom, shaved, shampooed and showered and as my hair is drying I take a look in the mirror. Damn! I’m having a good day. I immediately try and get my photo taken – the camera fucking hates me! The pic will look nothing like the guy I saw in the mirror. Hair all awry, sagging face, glasses crooked and double chin prominent. Where did the handsome dude in the mirror go?

So I hate having my photo done. I like taking photos though and I like having people, my friends mostly, pose for me. I like doing a bit of arranging and having the people spread out and stuff. I also like taking photos of dogs, cats & inanimate objects – especially food & drink! I like it when a good photo happens to come out of my 5mp camera on my phone. I love it when I can share them and when people like & appreciate them. Makes me feel good!

Being written about – well now, who would want to write anything about me? I’m not important enough to be written about. But I think it would be ok. Maybe someone who wants my point of view on something. I wouldn’t mind. Just don’t post a photo of me along side it. Well, ok but only if you must. This recent photo I snapped of myself is an ok one I guess. Just don’t mind the greying beard and balding head!

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3 thoughts on “Tables, Turned

  1. cmon…be a bit easy on yourself …no point in beating up yourself….relaxxx…and make the most of whatever you have or whatever is left…thats life… you have no wrinkles on your forehead…

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