On Remote Car Starters

Some people say they don’t want a¬†remote car starter¬†because it¬†can¬†damage their vehicle. The fact is that a high quality, properly installed system will not¬†cause¬†any damage to your vehicle. Commonly,¬†problems¬†with¬†remote starters¬†are due to cheap equipment and/or improper installation. The other knock on¬†remote¬†car¬†starters¬†is that they¬†can¬†damage¬†a¬†vehicle’s¬†battery. If there are not installed properly it’s easy to ground out one of the wires and¬†drain your battery¬†prematurely. The starter also needs to have¬†a¬†safety switch so that there’s no damage to the electrical system.‚ÄĚ

A remote start gives your vehicle extra time to reach normal operating temperature, warming the engine and making the oil less viscous, allowing it to flow freely through the engine. Although there is no doubt a remote start will make your drive warm and comfortable, the accessory is not for everyone. Any vehicle started with the remote engine starter can idle for a total of 20 minutes. Automatic engine shutdown occurs after 10 minutes, but the vehicle may be remotely started as many times as you wish for an additional 10 minutes.

Remote starters¬†are convenient, inexpensive and easy to¬†install. You can install¬†a¬†remote starter¬†for¬†your car yourself. It’s a great upgrade, inexpensive and a project you¬†can do yourself¬†with simple tools and¬†the¬†supplied wiring diagram. A¬†car¬†or truck equipped with a¬†remote start¬†system will fetch a higher re-sale¬†value¬†than a¬†vehicle¬†without one. A¬†remote¬†starter can be a very good selling point that will give a¬†car¬†owner leverage and reason to ask for a higher trade-in¬†value¬†from a¬†car¬†dealer.

Remote Car Starters

By far the greatest advantage of having a¬†remote car starter system is the convenience and comfort it affords. Whatever the weather, you can¬†start¬†your car and have it warmed up or cooled off and ready to drive as soon as you get in. And you can do all of this without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. If you opt to have a system installed that uses¬†your vehicle¬†factory key fob to initiate¬†the remote start¬†activation, you’ll be limited to maybe 30-40 feet. This allows you to activate¬†the remote start¬†from an iPhone or¬†Android¬†smartphone.

Cars built after the mid-2000s¬†can¬†probably be fitted with a¬†dealer-installed remote-start¬†system from the automaker. If a¬†remote starter¬†was available for your¬†car’s¬†model, trim, and transmission when the¬†car¬†was new, you should be able to have one added to your¬†car.

There are many factors to remote car starter installation cost. In addition to the pricetag of the starter itself, you may need to purchase a bypass module to make it compatible with your vehicle. Generally, you can expect anywhere from $150 to $500 for professional installation of a remote car starter.