Things You Can Do To Fight Boredom In Quarantine

If you have been twiddling your thumbs for the last few weeks wondering how to best spend your days in isolation, allow us to lend a hand and a few ideas…

We all know that the novelty of being at home wears off pretty quickly, and finding fun things to do during our time at home can be a challenge. But today we are here to stave off the boredom and give you some real inspiration!

Play Games

There are plenty of fun games to play during isolation whether you opt for the fruit blast or monopoly with your family. Take a look at the PlayStation store and take advantage of free games and offers. On mobile you can try out games such as Mario Kart, Simpsons Tapped Out, and Pokemon Go!

Host a Quiz

If you want to organise a fun event for your family or friends this week, one thing you can try is hosting a quiz through Zoom. You can share your screen and create a PowerPoint with questions, picture rounds, and even play music through the computer for a music round! It will be a great way to bring the family together and you’ll have lots of fun coming up with questions for everyone.

Make Bread

Baking bread is the most satisfying thing in the world, and if you have never done it yourself now is the time to learn. Baking bread isn’t too hard, and as long as you can get hold of strong white bread flour and dry active yeast you’ll be able to make some amazing loaves and crusty rolls.

Pamper Yourself

It is super important now that you are in the house to make the most of self-care and use your time to look after your skin, hair, and even learn how to paint your own nails. If you are bored and in need of some TLC, create your own pamper routine and make yourself feel refreshed, renewed, and healthy!


Now and again it is a good idea to decorate the house and rearrange the furniture to freshen up the space and make it feel renewed. Now that we are all stuck at home it is the perfect opportunity to decorate and do some of those niggling DIY jobs we’ve been putting off for some time. If you have a tin of paint sitting in the shed, get it out and freshen up the walls! Move the sofa and chairs around the room to create a new dynamic, and even create some art pieces and hang them on the wall. Get crafty and use what you have to make the house feel renewed and refreshed.

Have a Clear Out

Are you a serial hoarder? If so, now is the time to have a clear out of your things. From the pantry to the wardrobe, take the chance to get rid of things you no longer want or need and allow the house to feel fresh and spacious once more this spring!