Take Ownership Of Your Environment: Beating Lockdown Blues

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time trying to stave off boredom, whether it’s a long day of gaming or watching Tiger King (yet again) on Netflix. But there’s something that creeps up on us during these difficult times. Most of the world is feeling the pressures of being in lockdown and if you are starting to feel the lockdown blues it’s important to focus on your well-being from the comfort of your own home. Even if you feel that you are hemmed in, there are things that you can do to keep yourself entertained and stimulated, and it’s all about taking ownership of your environment.

Clean Up Your Hard Drive

If there’s been a list of things to do on your computer and you’ve just not had the time to get round to it now is the opportunity to do all those little housekeeping activities. Whether you’ve been trying to find a good VPN for Kodi for some time or not had the chance to fix the “blue screen of death,” now is a better time than any. Perhaps you’ve been putting off the inevitable, but now is the perfect opportunity while you have the time!

Hit The Mute Button On Life!

While it’s important to keep in contact with everyone, if you have been glued to your devices this entire time you may want to start rationing your exposure. If you are checking social media a lot or focusing on the news, it’s important to remember that it’s so easy to focus on the scary stuff when it is constantly in our faces. Take the opportunity to mute alerts and bring it all down to the bare basics. If something is so important, just watch the news that evening!

Start New Routines

We can find ourselves getting bored because we are stuck in certain routines or have stopped them completely. Now is the perfect chance to begin new routines and pick up the slack. When we stop doing what we normally do, this has an adverse effect on our well-being. Taking the opportunity to incorporate new activities whether this is a little bit of exercise for five minutes or going to bed at a reasonable time, these things will have a profound impact on our ability to cope with a stressful situation.

Find New Outlets For Stress

We need to find ways to relax that is more than what we think is good for us. Many people go to play video games as a form of meditation but we’ve got to remember what our individual coping strategies are. If we stay glued to a video game and realize that we’ve been playing Fortnite for, well, a fortnight, this is not going to end well! Do something engrossing, even if this is cleaning! It’s very useful for everyone to think about what their specific coping strategies are right now. Because these little things help us to be present.

Everybody is dealing with a lot of anxiety. And if we feel powerless and retreat to our room as a knee-jerk reaction, we have to think about the things we can take ownership of.

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