Take The “F” Off!

A few years ago Sreekumar, a member of my team at my then place of employment,once sent me an email asking for a preferred working shift (it was a 24 hour customer care call center) for the newest batch of new inductees that he had trained for the customer care call center we worked for. Now due to the fact that most of the new trainees in that particular batch stayed quite a bit distance away from the office and hence would take a longer time than most of the other employees to reach home via the company cabs, they asked Sree if he could ask for a shift for them that would end by atleast 9 or 10 pm.

He came to me and spoke about it and I asked him to send me a brief email explaining the situation and that I would go and ask the Operations to allow it if it were possible. So Sree went back to the computer in the training room he was working out of and drafted a little email to me, so I could sent that as an attachment to both Operations & HR. This is basically how his email read:

“Please consider granting my trainees the general shift or a shift that ends by 10pm as they all live quite a distance away. They are unable to do any late shifts but will work in any other shifts that we assign them”.

Now the “F” key on his computer was not working so read the sentences without an “F” in the words! Much to his embarrassment and the amusement of the rest of us

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