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What Do Older Generations Misunderstand About Yours?

The generation older than me have a lot of misunderstanding about mine. One – they think everything evil or bad is done because of the influence of western culture, movies, music and books! Nothing Indian is bad at all. Even when it is bad and some of the worst shit ever. They turn a blind eye against all the faults of their own culture and are oblivious about the good of others. And funny enough, this is the generation of Indians that most traveled, settled or have lived abroad! And still do!

They also can’t stop thinking of their children and the children of their brothers and sisters as anything other than kids, even when they turn 40. And they think they need guidance in handling difficult situation, money matters and raising kids – like they are the best at all of these things. They haven’t had the best parents and they weren’t the best either but they demand the best from you and will correct you in things that you are doing right but which they don’t approve off! Interference is a huge thing among them. They think their way was the best and everything else sucks. Oh and if you happen to move abroad and raise your family there then it’s “Oh the kids will never be our kids because of the influence of Western culture!”

Also the best thing ever – the women who have never worked in an office or held a job before (homemakers yes but most have had 1 or possibly maid servants to do a lot of cooking and the cleaning during their lives) commenting on the jobs that their sons/nephews have or don’t have, how much they make etc etc. Really? Fuck off!

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times.

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