Talking Versus Texting: My Preference

I used to talk for hours on the telephone as a teenager. Multiple days in a week. It used to be more like a hobby. Ofcourse girls were the preferred subjects at the other end but on occasion a male friend and I would have lots to talk about. But those were rare. And yes when I was in a relationship we talked for hours at length during those few years.

I had a very close friend with whom I would also chat for an hour or so on a regular basis. That’s why it surprises me that I can’t stand to talk for more than a couple of minutes on the phone in the last few years. Let’s relook at my past – circa 2003 I started work as a call center agent. I continued that role till the end of October 2004. I was a supervisor and then trainer till my promotion to manage the training team in July 2008. And my industry is telecom from 2004 onwards! I guess that is why I have developed an allergy to phone calls. I hate phone calls unless someone is calling me to tell me some good news. Then it’s ok.

I rarely chat with anyone on the phone with a few exceptions and that is because those people are very important. Otherwise I prefer to send an SMS or text people as it is also called. You can pass the needed information that way. Or send them an email from my Blackberry that they can access on their phone. Its quick and it gets the job done. I also hate getting work related phone calls during the weekend or on a holiday and especially when I am on a sick leave. I abhor the phone at times. I avoid phone calls if I can.

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