Tasted, Smelled & Heard

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

A taste – The taste of shawarmas or good khubus, not the crappy ones you usually get in Cochin, reminds me of my childhood in Kuwait. Shawarmas are one of my favourite foods to have and I just love it when it’d done just right. Our family weekend dinners back in Kuwait would be my parents, my sister & I joining my uncle (my mother’s brother), my aunt and later my cousin for a large dinner of khubus, hummus, shawarmas and falafels (my aunt is a vegetarian). And ofcourse pickles soaked in vinegar and olives. Big family fun and big family food. Ofcourse a movie or some good tv shows would follow.

A smell – You’ve got me here. I can’t think of a specific smell or smells that remind me of my childhood. Maybe smell of certain food? The smell of the olive oil – since that’s what we used a lot of in Kuwait as opposed to coconut oil which is predominant here in Kerala – in particular is linked to my childhood. For some reason the smell of glue reminds me of doing Arts & Craft projects in the school. The smell of the ocean reminds me of the beach we used to go to in Kuwait during my childhood.

A piece of music – It’s more theme music of tv shows that I watched & loved as a kid that brings me back to that time. The A Team, Remington Steele, Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica (this one in particular is highly nostalgic), V, Gimme A Break & Misfits of Science.

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