2 thoughts on “Taz – The Bernese Pup”

  1. my friend just got rid of a bernese, the hair was insane

    he was a bit high strung and i think a little attention starved, they have 2 other dogs, 4 cats, two small children

    the last straw was that he bit their older lab and then began growling at my friends hubby

    they at least took him to a rescue so that someone that someone else who has more time and can give him more attention

  2. That’s sad. I love dogs and cudn’t dream of giving up any dog! I once took a test online and my personality was deemed to be matching that of a Bernese. Thus I got fascinated with the breed, even if they would suffer in the heat & humidity of Kerala (I have yet to see one in my home state). Goldens & Labs are the ones I love the best and my dog was a golden.

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