Team Lunch @ Dhaba & Pizza Dinner

Today there was supposed to be a big meeting involving many levels of middle & upper management. I was preparing for it from last evening because although I wasn’t going to be participating much, my team would be and I felt that it was important. I had already gone through the same points of the meeting yesterday.

However it didn’t happen and so I tried to concentrate on other aspects of my work and got my team involved in a couple of activities as well. One of my trainers was out sick (she had a temperature of a 101 degrees) and another was out of office. A third member was caught up with something else and had an early lunch, so the remaining 5 asked me if we could go out for lunch and each pay our way. I though, why not? It might take my mind off things for a while.

I’m glad we did, because the team likes to have a little fun. This wasn’t by any means a huge event of team bonding or even a grand lunch – it was just a quick drive to a Punjabi dhaba for 6 of us and eating roti and some chicken. It was good, althought quite hot and dusty – moving trucks would rake up a ton of dust quite neat the open dhaba.

After that we went back to the office and continued with our work. I managed to complete the pending work by 7:30 and left the office to go get some coffee. On the way back home, I thought about getting some pizza for dinner. I called up the Dominos’ helpline number and ordered a Golden chicken pizza with baby corn (pictured below on the right), which I have had once almost 2 years back and that I found to be very delicious. I enjoyed the dinner in front of the tv, watching an episode of American Idol in it’s entierity for the first time this season!

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