2012 has seen a bunch of movies being released and some highly expected ones were successful and some weren’t. A highly anticipated and successful movie, in fact it is so far the highest ever grossing R rated comedy movie ever, is Ted. Directed, co-produced, co-written, and starring the voice of Seth MacFarlane alongside Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in leading roles. Giovanni Ribissi, Joel McHale, Jessica Barth, Sam T Jones, Jessica Stroup & Laura Vandervoot have supporting roles and Tom Skerritt & Ryan Reynolds have cameos.

This hilarious film is all about a young boy named John Bennett who not having any friends gets a teddy  bear for Christmas and wishes for it to be alive. As fate would have it, a wishing star happens to pass the night sky above him and his wish comes true. Ted & John become the best of friends and Ted also gets a few years as a celebrity, going for interviews and appears on magazines & newspapers across the globe but that dies out soon. 27 years after they become friends, 35 year old John is a slacker working in a rent-a-car company and best buds with Ted. They live together in an apartment with Lori, John’s office worker girlfriend of 4 years, while watching their favourite movies & tv and smoking a lot of pot. Lori feels that John can only mature if Ted moves out and after a couple of embarrassing incidents, John helps Ted find a job, in a supermarket, and an apartment and wants to move on to become a more mature individual. However he & Ted keep getting into trouble and having fun, causing a rift between him and Lori.

What you’ll love in the movie is the racy language & jokes and the hilarity that ensues each time Ted talks or does anything. Ted doing lewd stuff to impress Tammy Lynn the hot cashier girl, Ted throwing a party which has his & John’s childhood idol Sam T Jones (who played Flash Gordon), drinking beer, smoking pot, – Ted partying with 4 hookers, one of whom shits on the carpet on a dare!!! – everything is funny. Oh add to the mix is Lori’s boss who wants her and Donny (Ribisi in an odd role for him) a father who wants to buy Ted for his kid. After the Sam Jones party, Lori breaks up with John for leaving an event they were together at without informing her and John blames his friendship with Ted for losing the love of his life. Ted tries to patch things up with John, only for the two of them to come to blows, breaking stuff in John’s motel room, before making up and then trying to get Lori to take John back. That’s when Donny & his son Robert steal Ted and take him to their house to be Robert’s playmate. Ted tries to escapes from the house and calls John for help (while evading Donny dancing to I think we’re alone now by Tiffany) but gets caught.

John & Lori chase Donny & Robert who have Ted in their car. After a crash, Ted runs into Fenway Park stadium to run away from Donny and John decks a charging Robert. Ted gets ripped in two with a lot of his stuffing coming out (“I look like the android in Aliens 2” ) while Donny is forced to flee when a police car shows up. As John and Lori gather his stuffing, Ted relays his wish that John be happy with Lori, as his life fades away. Unable to accept Ted’s death, John and Lori return to her apartment to try to repair him, but it proves useless. That night, Lori makes a wish on a falling star. The next morning, Ted is magically restored and the couple reconcile with Ted, who encourages John and Lori to resume their relationship. With that resolution, John and Lori get married and Ted continues to live with them, while dating Tammy Lyn.

Hilarious, belly laugh inducing funny stuff. Enjoy it but beware of the lewd stuff if you have kids with you. 9 outta 10!

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