Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Of The Ooze is a direct sequel to the first TMNT movie. The turtles & Splinter are staying @ April O’Neil’s apartment as the Foot clan are well aware of their hideout in the sewers. Things are a bit dull but the 4 teens manage to make a new friend in Keno, a pizza delivery boy & martial arts student, who is aided by the turtles when stopping thieves from robbing a mall. Shredder, who was thought to be killed at the end of the 1st movie returns for revenge. But most importantly the secret of how the turtles & Splinter mutated is revealed.

And ofcourse the movie started off by capturing the imagination of the teenage minds of my cousins & I when we first watched this movie and making us hungry – by showing lots & lots of pizzas being eaten! And so:

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  • The company known as TGRI was responsible for mutating the four Turtles and their adoptive father Splinter – it was an accidental mixing of toxic chemicals exposed to radiation that made an ooze that causes mutation in any biological being that comes into contact with it.
  • April is caught once again by a Foot clan member – this time it’s Freddie who is working with the news channel that April casts for.
  • The Foot have relocated to an old junkyard with mountains of old tired and banged up cars.
  • The turtles find a new home in an old abandoned subway station and convert an old train into living quarters.
  • Raphael gets caught – again. This time Keno is with him but Raph covers for the kid in order for him to escape the Foot.
  • Two villains are introduced – Tokha & Razhor; a mutated snapping turtle and a wolf. They possess brute strength but are intellectually still babies. They call Shredder mamma instead of master.
  • In the end fight scene which takes place in a dance club, rapper Vanilla Ice perfomes Ninja Rap – a song I must shamefacedly say that I sang & recorded into a tape when I was about 15!
  • Case Jones is missing in this film.
  • For the part of April Paige Turco replaces Judith Hoag.

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