Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Movie

I spent the last couple of nights falling asleep while waiting for the torrent of this movie to finish downloading. It was completed yesterday morning and I watched it last night, the 3rd time ever but after a long gap of 15 years atleast!

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brings back memories of being a teenager and screaming stuff like ‘Cowabunga’ & ‘Radical’ along with a couple of my cousins and being big fans of the 4 turtles Leonardo, Michaelangelo the salton sea movie download download air buddies online , Donatello download the clearing and Raphael . Nostalgia was running wild as I longed for more carefree & innocent days. Anyways in this movie:

  • We get to know about the origins of the pizza loving 4 green dudes, discovered swimming in a radioactive substance by a rat, who is Master Splinter.
  • The villains are Shredder & his foot clan, evil gang lords who recruit disenchanted youngsters to steal and commit petty crime.
  • Casey Jones, ex-hockey player turned crime fighter is also introduced and it is hard to place the long haired Casey as the balding character actor Elias Kotea we know now. But yeah! It’s him! It really is him.
  • In this movie April O’Neil is played by Judith Hoag but she is replaced by a crush of mine, Paige Turco, in the 2 sequels.
  • Just like in the sequel, Raphael goes on his own and gets into trouble. The other 3 with Casey & April rescue him.
  • This movie is a bit more darker & serious than the other 2, being more true to the original comic book series. But I couldn’t stop laughing when Michaleangelo asks Splinter in all innocence, when they bring an unconscious April to their house for the first time, “Can we keep her?”

Brings back lots of memories of being 14-15 and having fun with my cousins. Sigh!

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