Telephone Ettiquettes

watch futurama the beast with a billion backs online Something reminded me of an incident that happened when I was about 22 or 23. Back in our home in Thrikkakara we had 2 phone lines. We got the second one around 1997 and since we didn’t have much use of it, my father would later get it transferred, with a new number, to my sister’s residence. But for a few years we had the extra line.

Now that number was never given out to many people and we seldom got calls on it. Or rather, we never got any calls for us. The number that we got used to belong to a family in a town quite far away and the calls were actually for the members of that family – Mathachan (the dad), Mahesh (the son) & Manju (the daughter). The mother never used to get any calls but the other 3 were very popular and we used to get atleast 20 calls in a week on our new phone asking for one of the 3!

Now there is a limit to telling people that this number does not belong to them and to stop calling us asking for those people. The same callers would repeatedly call, with a gap of a week or 10 days, hoping to speak to either Mathachan, Mahesh or Manju. College kids would be calling up at odd hours, late at night or when you are watching the suspense part of a thriller or watching that new rock video that just came out. Most times I would be polite but one day I finally got fed up.

It was around 3 pm on a Saturday; I had been out in the city from 9 am for some errands and came home tired to eat a late lunch. Then I took a pillow to lie in front of the tv and was just about to relax when the phone rang. As I expected it wasn’t for anyone in my family! This irritating girl was calling for Manju and I had heard this voice many times before. So I changed my voice a bit and said “Yes this is Manju. I had a sex change operation and now my name is Mahesh. What do you want?”

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The  girl caller got the shock of her life and hastily cut the phone and has never bothered me or my family up for as long as we had that phone number!

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