Tell Us About The Last Time You Slept On A Couch

Well it’s not the last time that I slept on a couch but it is, for some reason, something that I recently remember doing and it even came to me while I was half-asleep one night. This was perhaps when I was 14 or so, 1990-1991 and we were in Irinjalakuda which is where my father’s family home is. But I think this as not at his house but another relative;s house – maybe his older brother’s family’s house. I am not very close to that side of the family as I have always preferred to spend time with my mom’s family.

Anyways we were there for a wedding and there was a party, so this would have been the night before or two nights before. My family has to drive 90 minutes or so to reach this place and I think we were staying for the weekend. There was food & drinks being served and my dad was having a gala time with his relatives and my mom and sister were sitting with a bunch of the ladies in another room. I was bored very quickly and post a quick dinner, I wandered upstairs and settled in a big room. A male cousin, a few years older than me, asked me if I wanted some comics to read and I said yes.

So I spent the night, which would have been from 10 pm till almost the next morning lying on that couch with a table lamp next to me and read these Astrix comics. Most of the night I was alone but I do know that early in the morning two of my cousins came and lay on mattresses on the other side of the room. I spent the night listening to the sounds from the party downstairs and reading the books and fell asleep y around 2 am when the party stopped.

Prompt from 31 March Writing Prompts from Mama Kat’s Losin It

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