Temporarily Out Of Order

Folks, what I thought would be a 3 day weekend filled with fun, some drinking and going out on the town – has turned into a long rest break due to my ankle getting sprained.

I’ve been avoiding sitting & standing since yesterday evening and hence haven’t been online much, other than to check my office emails (which I can access on any computer that has internet connecivity). Other than going to the dining area for food and going to the loo, I’ve avoided using my left foot but the pain is still there. I’m thinking of consulting a doctor but since the swelling was down a bit today, I put off going to the hospital.

The way I feel right now, I’m thinking of having a doctor take a look at my foot in the morning. I’m so bored with not being able to do anything else other than sleep (took quite a few cat naps) and watching endess episodes of Star Trek Voyager. I actually wanna go to work! Desperately!

Hmmm, maybe I sprained my brain as well!

3 thoughts on “Temporarily Out Of Order”

  1. Oh dear, I hope your ankle is feeling better by now.

    You desperately want to go to work? how does that happen? I need to know how to “want” to go to work! lol

  2. I guess with the situation at work and all that, I feel like I am needed there and besides I can’t do much from home other than field phone calls and reply to e-mails. Don’t worry…the feeling will pass.

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