Terrible Start To 2010 For Sens

Yes we are missing our top line but we can’t offer any excuses for the terrible & pathetic start to 2010 that we have made. 6 straight losses; yes it’s that bad!

3rd Jan : 4-7 loss to Philadelphia Flyer

5th Jan : 1-4 loss to Boston Bruins

7th Jan : 2-5 loss to Washington Capitalc

9th Jan : 0-3 loss to Florida Panthers

10th Jan : 1-4 loss to Carolina Hurricanes

12th Jan : 1-6 loss to Atlanta Thrashers

These are terrible statistics and unless we do a drastic turn around, I’m afraid that we will sink lower & lower in the rankings and miss the playoffs for a second year in a row. We need to buy a new forward or two and a defensive powerhouse. Time for a goalie change as well.

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