That Clear Moment Of Realization

Write about the moment you realized you’d fallen in love (for the first time, with your current significant other, etc).

This is about my first girlfriend and I was aged 16. I first met her in the college that I had joined (this was during the pre-degree years when we did our 11th & 12th grades in a college to prepare us for degrees) and although I knew very few other students at the time and stuck to a small group of just 4, some of the other boys & girls were friendly with me. I had heard her name in the large class we had before I saw and her name was very unique for me at the time. I kept wondering which one was her and then I met her and spoke to her.

I can’t say that it was love at first sight but very close to that. It started as just seeing her brought a smile to my face and a pull at the ole heart strings. Pretty soon I started talking to her and our mutual friends in the class new that I had it bad for her. They even tried to set me up but she was very reluctant. We would speak on the phone quite a bit in the evenings and during the weekends. As I spoke to her and became closer, I knew that I was starting to like her a lot and more than just a friend. I would soon have visions of what I had then hoped would be my life with her. Ofcourse that did not happen.

However I do remember the day that I knew that I was truly head over heels for her and that it has progressed beyond just being a crush. We spoke on the phone on a Saturday and discussed a lot of personal things. My heart was heavy with feelings for her and when I kept the phone I was like in a trance. I went to my stereo system (this was 1992) and played the new album that I had just bought and was listening to that morning before I called her. The very next play that I played was the love ballad Bed Of Roses and I always associate my feelings for her with that song. She would later on become my girlfriend for about 5 years but yeah we parted on bitter terms.


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