That Feeling Of Having Just Missed The Reaper

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

I can’t remember that feeling of being totally unsafe. I have had some close calls. Like that time when I was walking towards my college and I turned out to find a pack of hungry looking stray dogs following me, sniffing at the lunch in my bag and growling. I was lucky that a huge truck passed at that moment, scattering the dogs every which way with it’s loud horn.

Or that time I tripped in the night on the railway cross which I was trying to use as a shortcut on my way to the bus stop after work and I was able to find my mobile phone and my glasses in time, 30 seconds before a train passed me by. That was a close call.

Or that time I stepped out of an autorickshaw and felt a sharp pain on my ankle as the spoke of the hubcap of another auto hit me as it passed by. I really thought that I had lost my leg that day. Lucky for me nothing was damaged.

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