That First Time A Girl Says She Likes You

Your first love/kiss, and don’t skip the awkward details

I’ve already blogged about my first kiss, as innocent as could be, but now it’s time for me to blog about my first love. The first girl who said she likes me and I said I like her back. And interestingly enough, her name too was Michelle. Michelle joined my school in the 9th standard and I was in grade 10 at the time. When she came in, a lot of guys liked the way she looked and I too was kind of mesmerized. 

Well in same class as her was my cousin, Sandhya, and she became good friends with Michelle from day 1. Sandhya had a small group of girl friends who always hung out together during breaks. I always tried to act cool, the cool older cousin, in front of them. Sandhya kinda acted like a go-between us and I soon started a conversation with Michelle. At that time in my life, I was also going through some kind of strange feeling of being a loner and different from the rest of the kids in school and my cousins. 

Well, Michelle and I started talking a lot on the phone and soon I told her that I liked her. She said she did too and I was elated. Alas, it only lasted for 2 weeks or so. For 2 weeks or so, I was her boyfriend. The Onam celebrations came and we left school for a vacation and when I came back she had cooled her feelings about me. Apparently, she told about me to her cousins and they said that it wasn’t a good idea to have a boyfriend outside their community. She was an Anglo-Indian Christian and my family was Hindu.

She became even a bit bitter towards me so after a couple of months of trying to win her back, I gave up. That was my first experience and it was bitter-sweet. But I look back on it very fondly.

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