That Old Atari Video Game Console

When I was 8 or 9 years old my dad got me & my sister an Atari video game console and a bunch of games that came along with it. I’m not sure if this was the same model as the one pictured here below, but it looked a lot like it. The one that we had broke in 1990 or so and since we couldn’t find a repair place here in Cochin, it was confined to top shelf of a huge book shelf in our common room and later in a cardboard box in with the old junk we had.

I remember my dad, sister & I playing games on it when we were in Kuwait and the sessions went on for hours and hours. What were the games we had on it – damn if I remember all the names but there was Space Invaders, Pacman, an air-force plane game were u pilot this plane and attack tanks & stuff and you have to refuel in between, one in which u build an igloo and have to jump across the pond on floating pieces of ice and avoid hitting the water & this bear that attacks you and a bowling game which I absolutely loved! There were a bunch of other games but I can’t remember them now.

Even after we moved back to India we spent many hours playing it during the weekends & summer holidays with my cousins joining in. We all loved it back then until it broke and we couldn’t get it fixed. I never bought another video console but yes for some years I did play games on my PC.

3 thoughts on “That Old Atari Video Game Console

  1. I used to love my Atari! I remember Asteroids had a glitch in it, and if you sat in just the right spot you could spin and fire constantly, kill everything and never be hit *g*. Our power supply died and I’m not sure of what happened to the console.

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