That Weird Childhood Dream

I’m gonna try and recollect this very vivid dream that I had when I was a child. I must have been around 8 or 9 years old when I dreamed this but I remember most of it so vividly since I used to tell this to my family & relatives a lot and hence had kept most of it fresh in memory.

I was in Kuwait at the time and 8 or 9 year old me, in the dream, went from my apartment to the apartment opposite ours, where our family friends and my close friends at the time lived. When I opened the door instead of my friends greeting me, I saw a big cat sitting on one of the sofa chairs. Wanting to get it outside, I picked it up and was about to put it out on the corridor when it scratched me on my eyes with it’s paw. I closed my eyes in pain and I blacked out. When I came to I opened my eyes to see the smiling face of one of the boys in my class looking down at me. Surprised to see him in that apartment, I asked him for help but he just snapped his head and the buckle of his winter cap hit me in the eyes and I blacked out again. When I came to, I was in a huge airport!

Now not able to make any sense of what had just happened or how I had happened to get there, I knew I needed help. I saw some cops coming after me and I knew I was in danger. I walked away from them and as I turned around a corner, I noticed a huge swimming pool, with ice in it! What the heck was an icy swimming pool doing in the airport???!! And when I looked into the waters, I see Bollywood superstar Dharmendra in it and beckoning to me to follow him as a means of escaping from the cops. So I jumped it (I didn’t know swimming in real life at the time but whatever) and followed him. We made our way underwater and swam away from that area to another section of this huge airport and I happily got out and thanked him. I managed to get myself dry with towels from a sweet lady who pretended that I was traveling with her and she managed to get me a ticket (I had my passport with me, magically) and we rode the airport bus to the plane and then boarded the plane to India. As soon as we landed, I thanked her and I hitched a ride all the way to Mattancherry which is where my mother’s home was. However when I got there, the roads were all turned to sand due to a heavy sand storm and I met an uncle of mine, who let me into my grandparent’s house.

I then went to sleep in one of the rooms and woke up still tired and starving. I made some sandwiches in the kitchen and once I ate them I went to the living room to watch some tv. I was alone in the house and surprised to see that the tv was setup high on the wall on and I couldn’t find the remote control. So I tried jumping to reach the switch to turn it on but it was too high for me. One last attempt saw me hit the switch and the tv came on but…as I fell down, I knocked the tv down as well and it fell and hit me right on the head ~ which is when I woke up! Weird dream right?

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  1. I think I must dream a lot more than most people and have tried to jot whatever I can remember once I am awake. But there are so many weird & wonderful ones that I haven’t been able to remember much off and that pisses me!

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