The 12 Hour Cold

So on Tuesday night a little after dinner at the office I started feeling the beginning of a cold. Just a light sniffles and the feeling that you are about to sneeze. By about 2:30 am I started to get a runny nose and started sneezing a lot. By 4:30 am I was feeling so down and sick that I just wanted to curl up in a bed anywhere. I managed to get myself into a cab and came back home and by that time I was well and truly ill.

After I woke up 6 hours later my throat was sore with mucus stuff or whatever and I craved for hot coffee. I had two and was still feeling blue. I had my lunch early and went to bed to lie down for a while. By 4 pm I was feeling much better and another coffee at 5 pm had me feeling more alive. I took a shower and a shave and I was feeling alright.

What was that, a 12 hour flu? I have never had really bad colds that disappeared in less than 24 hours usually it takes a couple of days atleast. I am not complaining, I wouldn’t mind if all my colds and flu like symptoms went away in half a day. That would be so awesome.

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