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I don’t have many frequent readers, just a handful of loyal people who read & comment. Some people, like a few cousins & friends read them but don’t discuss the topics at all. I’ve seen colleagues who read them as well and tell me about it at work the next day. I appreciate all readers but it’s time for me to give a shout out to one really special lady, a New Jersey woman named Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne.

As you can see by the tally of comments on the sidebar, she’s encouraged me to continue writing 300 times. I can’t believe that someone would spend so much time to read, absorb and comment on the stuff that I dole out but she does. As do some other people but she does it more frequently. As far as my personal cheerleaders goes (with regards to this blog & writing) she is top gun, numero uno. And as you can tell – she’s one hot Mamma!

I read her blog a lot and she’s been kind of an inspiration for me and a whole lot of others. So thanks for sticking to this blog for over two years (judging from the comments, you started reading my stuff in December 2007 and guess what? It was about VODKA) and I’ve taken the liberty of adding a “300” sign from the movie onto one of my favourite pics of yours. Thanks a lot Meleah and please keep commenting.

8 thoughts on “The 300 Lady – Meleah

  1. Meleah is truly awesome. She was one of my first ever commenters and still comments today. I am so glad you have recognised her kindness. She is such an encouraging person and someone I regard as a real friend. Go, Meleah!!!

  2. Oh my god! I’m crying! I have actual tears running down my face! Thank YOU so very much and I am thrilled to hear how much you have enjoyed getting my comments! You are a wonderful friend, I am truly blessed. xoxoxo

  3. @Meleah : I consider myself to be blessed. I hope you’ll always come around for as long as I blog and that you’ll always blog. Thank you for being you.

    P.S:- The uninhibited version of this reply is sent to your mail so that I don’t go all mushy over here ;)

  4. @ Selma : Yes she is. I took some inspiration from here and I’m always gonna be a fan. We’ve both been touched by her from half way across the globe and we adore her.

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