The 83rd Academy Award: Winners

Well out of the predictions that I made for the 8 biggest awards, I was correct in 2 (highlighted in bold). Not bad as I usually have very bad predictions.

  • Best Picture: The King’s how to get cash now Speech
  • Best Director: Tom Hooper for The loan calculator with interest King’s Speech
  • Best Actor: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech
  • Best Actress: Natalie Portman for Black Swan
  • Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale for The Fighter
  • Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo for The Fighter
  • Best Original Screenplay: David Seidler for The King’s Speech
  • Best Animated Feature Film: Toy Story 3

Oh and although I missed it, the Oscar for best original score went to Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross for The Social Network, while We Belong Together sung by Randy Newman for Toy Story 3 won for best Original unsecured payday loan song. So glad that A R Rahman did not win anything – can’t have the copycat jackass win Oscars in a row, now can we?

Although I didn’t watch the awards ceremony I heard that it was dull, James Franco was high and the whole awards show was deemed awkward and it took Billy Crystal, 8 times host, to show people how it’s done.

2 thoughts on “The 83rd Academy Award: Winners”

  1. I watched the Oscars – as I always do. And yes, this year was really boring. Anne Hathaway did a great job, but James Franco? Not so much.

    Also, I think whoever was in charge of Anne Hathaway’s hair that night totally deserves an award. It was up, it was down, it was slicked back, it was curly, it was straight. And it always looked amazing! WTF. It would take me ALL day to do ONE of those hairstyles!

  2. She’s one of those women who would look great in any thing or nothing at all. I can imagine her if I close my eyes……

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